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HorseTech Innovation

Welcome to HorseTech Innovation, a consultancy group founded by Phoebe Bright, a technologist and horse enthusiast. This enterprise harnesses the diverse skills and experience of a unique team who bring both depth and breath of knowledge. Together we can support you in achieving your goals in the arena of equine technology and innovation. Please explore this site, discover what we can contribute and subscribe to updates. We are happy to take calls and answer queries on this exciting new area.


Are you a tech company looking to make products for the equine market? Or an equine company looking to incorporate technology into your products? With our team's experience, we can help you navigate the challenges by providing feasibility studies, risk analysis and development strategies and more.


Get up to speed with all the technology trends and buzzwords and what opportunities and risks they present to the equine community: Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, Bitcoin, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics.

Scenario Planning

With our facilitated workshops and our custom Future Scenarios, explore future threats and opportunities in technology and the equine sector for your organisation or group.

Feasibility Studies

You have an idea for a horse tech product - What is the market? How will you fund it? What are the tech risks? How will you select a tech partner?

The Team

We are a growing team of people with experience in developing technology for the equine world - from the high level strategy to the low level bits and bytes.

Phoebe Bright
Horse Technologist

Phoebe has a software and business consultancy background and can think big picture and long term as well as the more detailed level of implementing tech projects.

Phoebe Bright

Jacqueline Walsh
Strategy and Business Development

Jacqui brings extensive experience in strategic development and implementation developed across various sectors, primarily financial services. She is particularly strong in identifying strategic challenges and developing pragmatic solutions.

Pat MacCormack

Pat MacCormack
Machine Learning and Future Tech

Pat has been working with big data for forty years in the field of geophysics. More recently he was engaged as a senior expert by the UN Environmental Program to evolve the worldwide collection, collation and analysis of air pollution data. His present interest is in extending public access to expert systems and the Internet of Things as well as the application of ubiquitous visualisation via technologies such as Magic Leap and Microsoft HoloLens.

Dick Cleverley

Rob Curtis
HorseTech Engineer

Rob has extensive science and bio engineering background and most recently solved the complex challenge of collecting data from the horses in the Kurt System.

Dick Cleverley

Previous Clients

HorseTech Innovation is a young company but already we have delivered reports to Weatherbys, Tyndall National Institute and have had regular articles in The Irish Field.

Weatherbys General Stud Book
Tyndall National Institute
The Irish Field

As Individuals we have worked with some of the largest companies in the world through to startups and our experience covers Banking and Financial Services, Construction, Aviation, Public Service, NGOs and Volunatary Sector... Could put up large page of logos here...


Examples of our charging structure (Ex VAT at 23%):

Skype Call

This option is ideal if you want to explore the initial feasibility of your idea, identify some of the challenges you are likely to face and to have a high level external perspective from experts on the viability of your idea. Having submitted an outline of your proposal which will have been reviewed in advance, a 1 hour skype call with the most appropriate member of our team will help you to identify – at a high level:

  • what do you need?
  • what could you do?
  • next steps
Site Visit
from €1000

This option is best suited if you have a well formulated idea. Depending on what stage you are at in the product development lifecycle, a site visit can be used to:

  • Provide an independent initial assessment of your idea / product
  • Help to identify the risks and challenges and other opportunities
  • Assist you to design a development strategy
  • Outline some product development options
Feasibility Study
from €5000

Having idenifited a product or service which you feel has potential, a feasibility study will set out in detail:

  • context
  • challenges
  • risks
  • market overview
  • funding
  • next steps


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