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My Drone is lost!

flying into the sun

Well not exactly lost, I know roughly where it is.  Nestling in the top of some tall spruce trees.  And how did it get there?  

Well I'd been practising with my drone indoors and in a small field on dry windless days and it had  all been going very well.  Only one broken propeller.  I never flew the drone too far away or too high.  I mean all these ...

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The Internet of Things - Showjumping in the future

IoT jumping

I recently did an online course with SAP on the Internet of Things.  Think lots of cheap sensors reading temperature, sending current location, measuring proximity of items,  all sending data to the internet.  Think the ability to monitor everything and what you could do with that information.  The assignment required us to imagine different characters and how they might use the system, so for all of you involved in showjumping ...

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My Microdrone has shipped...

Micro Drone 3

I've just received an email to say the Micro Drone 3.0 I ordered last month has shipped. I can think of all kinds of uses for a pet drone out in the countryside.  Although I think some of my ideas are probably ahead of the technology just yet!

Sheepdog Drone 

Already some farmers are using drones, the way that helicopters are used in Australia, to round up sheep ...

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