Speakers at the HorseTech Conference London 2017


There are still a few tickets left but you can watch it for free on our livestream!  All you need to do is register on at http://horsetechconference.com then on the day there will be a link provided that you can click on to watch the speakers live.  

Topics covered at The HorseTech Conference will include Gait Analysis, Genomics, Regenerative Medicine, Wind Conditions, Wearable Sensors, Sleep and Light Therapy, Pain Management, Big Data and Machine Learning, Imaging, Biosecurity, Diagnostics, Pharmacy and Nutrition.


Highlights include contributions from:


Jeff Seder, Founder and CEO of EQB.com. Flying in from his farm in Pennsylvania, Jeff is the biomechanics pioneer who has spent his life developing techniques for identifying horses the characteristics that give them an edge in a race.  He will talk about how his methods not only identify value at sales but predict the best way to train an individual horse and which races to enter them in to. His most notable success was when his analysis led to the purchase of American Pharaoh (the first Triple Crown winner in 37 years) as a yearling.   

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Robert Curtis is flying in from New Zealand to talk about the future of training. He will share the science and technology behind the £20 million Kurtsystem training facility that has been installed at the Kingwood Stud in Lambourne.  


Dr Amanda De Mestre MRCVS is a senior lecturer in Reproductive immunology at the RVC and will be giving a masterclass on horse breeding and how to optimise the conditions most likely to lead to pregnancy.


Dr Thilo Pfau is the RVC's Senior Lecturer in Bio-Engineering and heads the Equine Gait Analysis Service, providing advanced quantitative gait assessments for the Equine Referral Hospital and the Equine Practice. Thilo will talk about using inertial sensor based gait analysis with an emphasis on scientific studies conducted in Thoroughbreds and its application to lameness detection.


Laura Friend from Glasgow University, will be presenting on the ambitious plans of the Thoroughbred Health Network. This newly registered charity has been co-funded by The Racing Foundation and the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA) and is building a key resource for the industry by translating complex research into resources that are accessible and easily understandable.


Sam Murphy, founder of Equilux.ie will be travelling from the Dolmen County to talk about the importance of a highly controlled stable environment. By day this entrepreneur is a Horsebox driver but he'll be taking the stage to share the science and outcomes that underpin the success he's had inventing a lighting system that is now installed by the world's leading racehorse trainers.


Jay Kilgore and Bob Fierro founders of DataTrack and creators of BreezeFigs(interviewed in last week's Irish Field - "A data driven approach to racing and breeding") are flying into London on their way home from working the sales in Australia and will give a masterclass on how data science can add value.

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Prof Emmeline Hill is the Associate Professor of Equine Science at UCD and leads the Equine Exercise Genomics research group at UCD funded by Science Foundation Ireland. Emmeline co-founded Equinome and now leads the R&D team at PlusVital where she continues her work at the forefront of Thoroughbred performance genomics. During the last decade Emmeline has published more scientific papers on equine exercise genomics than any other researcher so there's no one better placed to give a summary on the exciting opportunities ahead.

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Tom McGuinness from Horseware will talk about how he sees technology adding value to his company by making life easier for horses and riders.


To close the day Professor Sam Lingam, Consultant Paediatrician and owner of a leading Harley Street Clinic that sees many of the leading owners and trainers, will inspire the audience to prioritise their own health with a talk on 'Living to 100'.


To register for the event or free livestream visit www.HorseTechConference.com