Videos from The Horse Tech Conference 2017 are up!

How is tech being used to value unraced horses?  Can sensors pick up signs of lameness before the human eye?  Where is horse genomics going?

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  1. Phoebe Bright, Horse Technologist - Introduction
  2. Jeff Seder, Founder - The heart of the racehorse and it's predictive value in younge racehorses. 
  3. Jay Kilgore, Data Track International Inc - Using high-speed video to analyse the what the eye can't see in a horse at full gallop.
  4. Bob Fierro, Data Track International Inc - Measuring biomechanics, it's use as a predictor of success and how racehorses are changing.
  5. Philippe Kahn, - Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence - (not available yet)
  6. Robert Curtis, Kurtsystem -  Use big technology to improve the training of younge racehorses.
  7. Thilo Pfau, Royal Veterinary College - Lameness and asymmetry, measuring and assessing.  - (not available yet)
  8. Amanda de Mestre, Royal Veterinary College - Current research in breeding
  9. Tom MacGuinness, CEO, Horseware Ireland - How tech can make life easier for Horse and Rider
  10. David Marlin, Scientific and Equine Consultant - Understanding breathing in horses and using tech to analyse problems.
  11. Kieron Walsh, CEO & Founder, EquiChek - A simple and cheap test for inflammation on a stick.
  12. Sam Murphy, Founder, Equilux Lighting - The importance of correct lighting to a horse's wellbeing.
  13. Prof Emmeline Hill, UCD & Plusvital - Genomic: What you need to know and where it's going.
  14. Richard Butterworth, CEO, Equine Salt Therapy - Salt Therapy, an old technology, updated for use with horses.
  15. Tristan Brittain-Dissont, Founder, Capaltec - Heightlight Demo, a simple and quick piece of tech to measure height.
  16. Andy Fiske-Jackson, Royal Veterinary College - Regenerative Medicine, using the horse's own stem cells to improve recovery from tendon injury.
  17. Christina Frigast, Vet, Eickemeyer - Equinosis Q uses sensors to improve diagnosis of lameness.
  18. Prof S Lingam, Harley St Medical Express Clinic - Optimising you: Let's live to 100.  
  19. Tas Gohir Royal Veterinary College - Closing message from the RVC, technology at the RVC.