My Microdrone has shipped...

Micro Drone 3

I've just received an email to say the Micro Drone 3.0 I ordered last month has shipped. I can think of all kinds of uses for a pet drone out in the countryside.  Although I think some of my ideas are probably ahead of the technology just yet!

Sheepdog Drone 

Already some farmers are using drones, the way that helicopters are used in Australia, to round up sheep ...

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Soloshot2 - Robot Cameraman


The problem with getting videos of yourself and your horse is finding someone with the time and expertise to make a recording that is useable.  People get bored, press the record button too many times, find it hard to control the zoom function and you will more than likely end up with  the horse a small dot in the background or just a video of the ground because it was ...

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Training horses like learning a language?

I've been trying to articulate how my methods of training horses have changed over the last couple of years, thanks to a number of books and in particular Clinton Anderson. It's about teach that when a give a certain aid, this is what I want the horse to do. But isn't that what I've always done? Take for example teach a rein back. I would apply ...
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Barefoot vs. Shod experiment in West Cork (2009)

Every interest group has it's battle lines, and there is one between the barefoot proponents and those who believe horses need shoes.  I won't go into the arguments but just report the results of my trying to get my horses barefoot.

The biggest challenge here in West Cork is the endless rain and mud, winter and summer.  This makes the hooves soft and encourages thrush and infection in ...

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